Here are 5 great articles on generating business from your sphere of influence that you should read and bookmark.

They all focus on the importance of connecting with friends, family, and former clients. Although often ignored, this group is responsible for the majority of an agent’s business.

Article 1: How to Jump start Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence (SOI)
Great overview of how to get organized and started.

Article 2: 4 effective techniques for engaging your sphere of influence
Stresses the importance of how your messages should be targeted, relevant, and focused on the value you can deliver.

Article 3: Why Stay Top of Mind?
Good article from ProspectPlus stressing conisitency and the SEND-CALL-SEE plan.

Article 4: Time-Tested Tips for Getting Referrals from Within Your Sphere of Influence
Dr. Maya Bailey covers here 7 best tips for nurturing friends, family, and former clients.

Article 5: The Secret to a Successful Sphere of Influence Business Model
A bit older, but still very relevant content.

Friends, family, and, former clients are so important to an agents success. Spend some time and focus on improving your marketing to this group and you’ll be rewarded handsomely with continued growth from warm repeat and referral business – the easy business.

If you think you’d be interested in having a complete automated turn-key Sphere of Influence plan put in place, check out our Agentjet Select Private Client program. Implementing an effective friends, family, and former clients strategy is just one small part of our Select program.

The Agentjet Select Private Client program often includes private consulting calls, a review of your existing websites, creation and optimization of your Facebook Business Page(s), access to the private ‘Select’ Version of our lead capture & management software, membership into our Inner-Circle Mastermind group, team building recruitment tools, professionally managed advertising campaigns, and A WHOLE LOT MORE.

Because we’re very hands on and work directly with our Agentjet Select Private Clients, time is an issue and membership is VERY limited. The program is NOT for most agents but if you think you may be a right fit, please check it out here.

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