Agentjet MAX™

Agentjet MAX™ is our newest game-changing solution. It was developed in direct response to feedback we've received from thousands of our agents over the past few years.




Agentjet MAX™  is revolutionary in the real estate technology space. It takes things to a whole new level. It includes all the things you would expect in a high-end website and CRM: a very modern 'sticky' front-end where consumers can search for homes, a very efficient smart back-end which will alert you to important lead behavior. It also includes automatic nurturing tools such as property email updates and text blasting.


Besides the wealth of standard features, MAX™ also has many unique tools that can't be found elsewhere which have the ability to transform your business. Here are just a few proprietary features:


  • SmartPath Leads Module - Generate more leads for less cost with our advanced multi-part & multi-type SmartPath Lead generation technology!


  • Friends, Family & Former Clients module - This is the cornerstone of success. This group on average is responsible for the majority of an agent's closings in any given year. This module INTELLIGENTLY automates the process of nurturing this group to bring you warm referrals.
  • ListingsPilot™ Listing Lead Software (Integrated) - Intelligently capture leads via a tested multi-part registration process with the ability to create custom landing pages on the front end where you can target specific neighborhoods, buyer types, etc.


  • DataMiner Pro Enhanced Leads Module - The system will automatically go out and data-mine the internet and public databases to pull in as much info about a lead as possible. You can then segment and market by income level, geo-location, and more.


  • Custom Facebook business page(s). An effective real estate Facebook business page will bring you synergy between your other website assets and your friends, family, and former clients.


  • Custom done-for-you traffic plan and implementation with on-going management.


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Agentjet Select Private Client Program

This is our high-end exclusive 'done-for-you' program where we work with you one-on-one to develop a custom plan specific for your needs and market. We then actually implement the plan for you.


The program often includes private consulting calls, review, and optimization of existing websites, creation and optimization of your Facebook Business Page(s), access to the private 'Select' Version of our lead capture & management software, membership into our Inner-Circle Mastermind group, team building recruitment tools, professionally managed advertising campaigns and A WHOLE LOT MORE.


Because we're very hands on and work directly with our Agentjet Select Private Clients, time is an issue and membership is VERY limited.


This program is NOT for most agents. We're VERY picky about who we’ll speak with and we’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.


However, if you meet the criteria and would like to talk to us personally about how this program can catapult your income, then we’ll happily set aside some time for you.


Check out the full details here.


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