Thoughtful businessman work on notebook while sitting at woodenHomes are selling at a record pace and tech-savvy agents are taking market share.
Growing your client base and living the life of a successful agent is a goal most strive for but few achieve.
Every day, agents, men, and women just like you, go to their coaches, managers, and mentors looking for direction. But things are changing so fast that what used to be a “show me your list” exercise, has become more complicated as technology has taken center stage and old-school leaders struggle to provide easy answers.
If you’re considering making lead generation an integral part of your business plan, consider the following before taking the leap.
The Big Kahuna Sites
Today, consumers, 92% according to Inman, begin their home search online and more often than not, on one of the “Big Kahuna” sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor[dot]com, and/or Homes[dot]com. -So you might be thinking, how can I compete against these massive media companies?
Believe me, you can!
In fact, all over North America, agents have learned how to fight “Client Base Erosion” (CBE) by nurturing their existing client bases and filling their funnels with new prospects.
Client Base Erosion (CBE)
For most agents, Client Base Erosion is at an all-time high. Friends, family, and former clients, once the cornerstone of any truly successful agent, is under attack like never before. Even your strongest advocates are being picked off by your competitors who had the foresight and financial wherewithal to buy and maintain advertising on national portals where many home buyers get started when looking for homes.
If that weren’t enough, there are organizations sucking up opportunities and selling them back to you with little thought of your well-being. Worse yet, once you throw in the towel and you can’t go on, without missing a step, they’ll sell your areas to others and repeat the cycle.
-Harsh I know, but true nonetheless.
Today, serious agents have polished websites with robust tools to, at the very least, protect their own client bases, capture new business, and nurture both.
The truth is that in the absence of great alternatives to the portals – a site that is a “Safe Haven” where your clients can search without being bothered by every Tom, Dick, and Mary agent – your prospects will search on the Big Kahuna sites and you’ll continue to experience erosion.
For many, this is simply “…the way things are…” But if you’re reading this, then my guess is that you’re not willing to remain a victim of what the Big Kahuna sites and Client Base Erosion.
So you might be wondering, what’s the cost to get started? To be blunt, there is a financial commitment, no matter who you choose, of course. But more importantly, none of these systems work, if you don’t.
-In other words, you’ll need to commit to daily follow-up and a few hours of training when you first get started to become familiar with the technology itself.
Note that this isn’t for everybody and it may not be right for you. So, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself to determine if Agentjet or any similar system is right for you. Doing so will save you time, energy, and money. 🙂
Agentjet ONE™ is the RightFit™ if you:

  • Are Committed to long-term growth
  • Desire an off-the-shelf solution
  • Can watch videos and attend training webinars
  • Commit to approximately 10 minutes a day to follow-up with leads
  • Understand that the “value of a lead” isn’t what you pay for it (that’s the price) but rather how much you earn when it closes multiplied by whatever your repeat/referral percentage is
  • You have the financial resources to pay for your system, traffic, and all your other family and business obligations for a year or more
  • Understand that technology is designed to do certain things well, but not everything

How much do competing systems like these cost?
As far as pricing, many of our direct competitors are priced above $1,499/month for products similar to our Agentjet MAX™ and Agentjet SELECT™ Team platforms and most require you also to advertising in the $1,000/month range. Are they worth it? Yes, they are definitely worth it. As a REALTOR®, I first got into lead generation more than 11 years ago and I gladly paid $3,000/month. Truth be told, I had some of my best years ever.
Agentjet ONE™, “The Low-Cost Alternative to High-Priced Solutions”
Agentjet ONE™, our low-cost alternative to high-end team systems, is priced at just $500/month but requires a $250 set-up fee. Agentjet ONE™, is our single agent site which includes $250/month toward managed advertising. We also Team Platforms, Agentjet MAX™ Limited, Agentjet MAX™ and Agentjet SELECT™.
Agentjet MAX™ Limited is $750/month. It has a $250. one-time set-up fee and includes $375./month toward managed advertising and it has room enough for 5 agents.
Agentjet MAX™ at $1500/month. It has a $500. one-time set-up fee and includes $750./month toward managed advertising and it has room enough for 10 agents. It includes all the MAX™ Limited features and some advanced administrative tools for bigger teams.
Agentjet SELECT™ is $2998./month for the first two months and then $1,497 thereafter. The program often includes private consulting calls, review, and optimization of existing websites, creation, and optimization of your Facebook Business Page(s), access to the private ‘Select’ Version of our lead capture & management software, team building recruitment tools, professionally managed advertising campaigns and A WHOLE LOT MORE.
With all our offerings, you can increase your adverting budget at any time, should you want to crank-up your lead volume and you can add additional agents to any offering for $149/month.
All high-end Team Platforms like our own Agentjet MAX™ and Agentjet SELECT™ sites are similar in that they include agent and company branding, IDX integration, a broad array of consumer-facing search features, some of which are important and others that consumers could care less about but agents dig. They also have cool agent user interfaces, commonly referred to as dashboards, with advanced features that allow agents to track consumer behavior so that they can know when someone is getting ready to buy or sell.
-Scary cool, I know.
They also all allow agents to email, text, call and keep track of prospect communications. Some have smart email and text (we’ll have this on steroids, shortly) which eliminates the need to email and/or text because the systems automatically send them to consumers directly on your behalf, branded by you, as if you were personally reaching out to the prospect yourself.
-Talk about efficiency. Wow!
Mine’s “the best”
Every company will argue that their solution is the best; that’s to be expected. The truth of the matter is that nowadays finding “the best” solution is a little like choosing between different shades of blue, they are all great choices – if you like blue. Having said that, there are differences and features that you may not be able to live without so it’s best to ask questions up front.
Lead Quality
All of the big players in the space, including Agentjet, know that about 87.5% of internet leads will give you a good email and about 75% will of prospects will provide everything you ask for, if you ask in the proper way, which all the major players in the space have pretty much figured out how to do. But, just know that internet generated leads are both awesome and frustrating at times. But on balance, if you want to place yourself online in a target-rich niche, you simply have to take the good with the bad or grab your ball and go home.
It’s really that simple! 🙂
Designed for a purpose
Finally, companies with sophisticated platforms like ours have worked hard to build amazing functionality into their respective platforms. These systems are designed to do the most important things well, but not every conceivable thing. Think about it like this. Let’s say you own a farm and you needed a vehicle. For some crazy reason, you bought or rather were sold a Porsche 911. Now, a 911 is a great car. In fact, many might argue that it is perfect, but guess what, you cannot pull a horse trailer with a Porsche 911, right?
– At least you can’t without significant redesign and of course, that’s not an option.
Congratulations! You now know more than 97% of all the agents in the country about lead generation but…
If you haven’t already participated in a webinar, click the Solutions Tab near the top of this page and sign-up for whichever product most interests you. If you have, it’s time to decide if you are ready to grow your business via this vehicle.
If you are committed, have what it takes, and it is the RightFit™, you – and your loved ones – will be glad you did.
We wish you the best…
Now, get out there and play to win! 🙂

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