Proprietary Technology

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Proprietary Technology


Genius tech minds and veteran agents fuel our innovation.

The Agentjet platform continues to evolve. We are continually adding unique features that can't be found in any other application. Here are just a few highlights:

Conversion Tools

The system contains an impressive suite of tools that aid in automating conversion. These tools allow agents to optimize their time so they can focus on selling real estate—not on technology.


Timing is everything! Agentjet's unique timing processes allow you to engage prospects while they're on the site in home search mode. No more interruptive calling while the prospect is eating, shopping, at soccer practice, etc.

Behavioral Based Alerts

Our behavioral based alert algorithms work 24/7/365! Like robots they keep you informed in real-time when leads exhibit meaningful behaviors. These behavioral strike indicators can be easily enabled or disabled for frequency and type. No more noise.

Lead Scanner

Agentjet's Lead Scanner is the most innovative and efficient way to organize and filter leads available. It includes '1-Click' custom scans that bring your hottest prospects into view with a single click.

Innovation Throughout

Our innovation is not just restricted to the platform, it extends to everything we do: how we manage ad campaigns, enhance lead quality, conversion training and more.

Here are just a few powerful and unique features:

Technology With Purpose

Unlike other companies where technology is focused on meaningless bells and whistles, we focus entirely on innovations designed for one purpose only—to help you sell more homes.

That mindset flows through to everything we do. Every decision, every feature, every single line of code have that one purpose in mind. That's why our agents experience both a high return on investment AND a high return on time.

Contact us today to take a closer look and see how Agentjet's proprietary technology can help you sell more homes.

  • New Technology

    The Agentjet platform represents the latest most cutting-edge technology available today.

  • Powerful Yet Easy To Use

    Although complex behind the scenes, the system is clean, pure and simple.

  • Consumers Love It

    Consumers love the home search portal and it's features and return in droves.

  • Sell More Homes

    Our technology exists for one reason—to help you sell more homes!

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