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Our Story

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Founder's Story

First and foremost, our Founders are REALTORS®. Because of this, everything they do, build, say and sell honors our industry. They're passionate about helping fellow REALTORS® harness technology and close more deals. From as far back as 1994, long before online lead generation was all the rave, they recognized a shift that couldn't be ignored. Not wanting to be caught on their heels, they began this journey.


They began experimenting by building websites, trying out-of-the-box advertising and learning all there is to know about internet marketing and lead capture.

They became experts at SEO, PPC, SEM, Social Media, opt-in processes, email marketing and a whole lot more.

First, they followed popular theories that in practice were ultimately dismal failures. Finally, after spending an enormous amount of time and their own money testing better solutions, they cracked the code.

This led to leap-frogging their local competition and placed them among the Top 1% of agents nationwide.

Ultimately, they formed Agentjet Inc. and now the company provides an innovative Lead Management Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for the real estate and mortgage industries.

It's unique in its application of consumer psychometrics and proprietary algorithms. Its exclusive features reduce consumer behavior into real-time opportunities that yield more closings producing a high ROI for agents and lenders.

The platform is an invaluable tool for real estate coaches to use in working with agents to learn and adopt best practices in internet marketing.


Our Founders quickly realized that the solution was bigger than themselves and their local market and the company was born.

In 2009 we created our first company Agentamp LLC and our first product, AgentAmp with the goal of teaching agents how to build their online lead generation systems. We discovered that most agents wanted a ‘turn-key-solution’ and that few agents possessed the skills necessary to manage and build their PPC campaigns. So it wasn’t long before we decided to start our second company in 2012 devoted to achieving one goal—developing the very best lead capture, management, distribution, and conversion system on the planet—and Agentjet was created!

We assembled a rock star team of programmers, business development experts, customer service agents and administrative staff. And, this team began bringing the vision to life.


After an early reveal at the 2011 NAR convention and year or so of limited soft launches, the technology was ready for its official debut. Agentjet Inc. was formed in 2012, and they opened their technology center in Ann Arbor.  They then began providing the Agentjet platform to agents, teams, and brokers in the US and Canada.

Nearly 250,000 consumers are now using Agentjet systems in towns, large and small, and thousands of agents, brokers, and team leaders.

With a 'never-settle-in' mindset, Agentjet has a bright future as we continue to innovate and provide amazing technology to the industry we know so well.

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