52% of an agent’s business comes from Friends, Family, and Former clients! If you’re not focusing on this group, you’re really missing the boat.


We see many agents caught up in ‘new’ business, which is good – in fact, online lead generation (new business) is a service we’ve been providing to agents for years. However, we’ve recognized that many agents are giving a backseat to the more important group: Friends, Family, and Former clients – the 3Fs.


For best results, you should be actively marketing to this 52% group in a ‘cool’ and authentic manner. And that is not by just sending ‘canned’ marketing materials and hoping for the best.
It’s about engaging them with relevant tools and content.


We believe this group has taken a backseat to online lead generation (hunting for new business) for a few reasons:


1. Keeping a 3F database up-to-date in one place is challenging
2. It takes time to come up with ‘cool’ relevant content
3. Sending emails, postcards or texts often times means using at least 3 different services (scattered contacts & history)


Also, do you know that at least 10% of your client base, at any given time, is searching on national portals? Our agent subscribers are fighting against Client Base Erosion (a term used to describe what happens when your Friends, Family, and Former clients get picked off by your “deep-pocketed” competitors advertising on national portals) by inviting their Friends, Family, and Former clients to search on their sites so that they can stay abreast of their activity and come alongside them when they are ready.


These are just some of the challenges agents face.


However, because we feel that engaging with the 3Fs is THE MAJOR key to a really successful real estate business, we’ve set out to overcome these challenges with our software.


Solution 1: Automate the Registration of Friends, Family and Former Clients on Your ‘Safe Haven’ Solution
With Agentjet ONE™ and our 3F Engager Tool, simply add your contacts and let the system automatically invite your Friends, Family, and Former clients to search on your site as an alternative to the national portals. This is huge. So powerful that we get emails like this from agents that have easily resurrected old contacts and are now engaging.


Hi Eric,

I am so surprised! Since uploading my contacts, I’ve been getting texts and emails all last night and this morning from people signing up. Most of them are from 10 years ago. I haven’t spoken to them in years! 

-Sharon B.


The beauty of the system is that you can enter contacts individually or bulk-upload ’em. We’ve made it really easy:


1. Once your logged into your platform, simply click on the Friends and Family link in the menu:






2. Choose to Add contacts either, one-at-a-time or in bulk.






3. Upload Friends, Family, and Former client list.






4. Monitor their Activity and Engage. We’ve made it simple so you can easily search, filter, and segment your leads based on their activity. Then with a few clicks, you can email, text or postcard blast them.






Once your contacts are added, Agentjet ONE™ auto-invites them to use your “Safe Haven” home search site to muse, peruse, and seriously search for homes where they won’t be bothered by every Tom, Dick, and Mary like they might be when searching on sites like, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor[dot]com, and Homes[dot]com.


Once you have Agentjet ONE™ up and running, simply add contacts individually or upload your list and then, like clockwork, the system sends monthly invitations (like the one below) to your Friends, Family, and Former clients via email inviting them to search on your site as an alternative to the national portals.





If they accept the invite, the system knows and they won’t be invited again. If they don’t, the system will automatically send a new invite every 30 days or until they engage or unsubscribe.


Solution 2: Easily Send them Content They’ll be Interested In
Fact: People love stories.


One of the most powerful things you can do to communicate with Friends, Family, and Former clients is to share short stories of how you’ve helped someone. This combines social proof (one of the most influential factors in decision making) and keeps the focus on others instead of yourself. This is powerful combo.


In our own business, sending these types of emails & postcards played a huge part in achieving Top 1% Nationwide Agent status. They work and they’re simple to do. Here’s an example format:




Just wanted to drop you a quick note about a recent family that I helped. John and Amy were just relocated from San Diego. They were having trouble selling their existing home and … (tell story). I was able to help them by .. (story continues). They are now happy in their brand new home and …


(Picture Here)


If you, or anyone you know may be in a situation like the Millers,  please keep me in mind as trusted resource.


Bill Roberts”


We’ve made this whole process really easy to do with our Agentjet ONE™ platform:


1.  Segment your Friends, Family, and Former clients by any criteria.





2. Easily create an email or text message and send it to them.





3. Easily create a “Testimonial Story Page” on your Agentjet site and then periodically email and text your friends and family meaningful stories of how you’re helping others.




In summary, if you’re not focusing on Friends, Family, and Former clients, you’re leaving a lion’s share of EASY repeat and referral business on the table. Even if you don’t have Agentjet ONE™, commit to the practices above. Invite Friends, Family, and Former clients to your personal ‘Safe Haven’ search site on a regular basis. And then periodically, send them Social Proof – Testimonials.
You’ll be glad you did!


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