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Recently in our “2016 Agent’s Guide to What’s Working Now”, we included a section entitled SNIPER MARKETING.


Here we disclosed results of a survey that showed that 74% of agents just run broad ‘market-to-everybody-with-the-same-message’ type of advertising.


This represents a very real opportunity for agents to learn the power of taking an approach that is different from the 74% that are running broad general ads.


Sniper Marketing or Niche Marketing has been proven to get higher views, higher engagement and higher lead conversion when compared to ads that try to speak to all people with the same one-size-fits-all message.


In that regard, Facebook RULES!


Besides the data they have collected internally from their users, they’ve purchased big data from 3rd party services. FB says, “Some of our data providers include Acxiom, Datalogix, Epsilon, Experian and Merkle.”


Having access to this large set of data, with the ability to narrow down niches and then place ads tailored to them specifically is a marketer’s dream.


In our guide, we demonstrated how we ‘Sniped’ a niche market: Millennials with money that are likely ready to buy their first home.


First we did research using NAR reports, Facebook, etc. on our target market to find out details about this niche. Here is what we found:








Based on this research, we were able to build a targeted profile description & wish list:


“Advertise to everyone within my city, that is between 25-34, makes $50K or more, is single and currently doesn’t have a home and is likely to buy in the near future. I also want my advertising to be very inexpensive.”

With Facebook this possible and EXTREMELY powerful.


Smart marketers understand that the best thing ever is being able to match their messages specifically to their audiences so that the ads speak DIRECTLY to them. When this is done properly, prospects see copy that speaks directly to them. They say to themselves, “Hey, that’s me. I need to check this out.”


With that in mind, we logged into Facebook and created an example to demonstrate this Facebook Sniper Marketing approach.





After that we used Facebook’s ad creation tool to “define our audience”, this is what we had when we were done:




We laser targeted 5,700 Millennials in our market that make $50k or more a year and are likely to be in some phase of becoming a first time home buyer.


As part of Facebook’s ad campaign creation process, we then created this ad:




Notice how our ad touched on all the known traits of Millennials. When a 25-34 year old, sees that ad, it’s magnetic. It’s effective and Facebook rewards you with a good Relevancy score which equates to a lower cost/lead and higher lead volumes.


Since posting the example in the guide, we actually ran the campaign live and here are the results:




In about 3 weeks time, we generated 321 visitors from our targeted Millennial niche for $276 via Facebook or .86 a visitor! (*The “Spent Last 7 Days” chart is our total spend in one of our accounts across multiple campaigns – it’s not just the Millienial Buyers campaign)


What’s even better is our engagement was great! 229 Millennials took action: clicked on the ad, left a comment, liked the ad, shared the ad, etc. So not only did we generate leads off of our landing page directly into our Agentjet ONE platform, we also got engagement right within Facebook:




These are great leads! Because once they like or comment, Facebook let’s you see who they are. You can then reach out to them right within the native Facebook platform which works really well.


In a nutshell, instead of running a broad ad like “Search All Homes Here” and trying to get it in front of everyone in your market. We identified a niche group: Millennials. We then used Facebook’s powerful Demographics & Interests search and targeted only Millenials with decent income. We then built an ad that speaks directly to what we know about that Niche.


We did Sniper Marketing, got rewarded for relevancy with inexpensive visitors to our landing page and generated leads both there and right within Facebook itself.


Not sure where you could better spend $276… the ROI is huge! For $276, we got immediate leads, added others to our pipeline, made some Facebook connections and we can re-target (continue to show them ads) for 321 Millenials in our market.


Powerful stuff that wasn’t even possible just a few years ago.


There are many more advanced topics for optimizing Facebook marketing: conversion pixels, custom audiences, ad objective types, re-targeting, etc. But at a minimum, if you’re not marketing in this manner right now, we highly suggest that you consider starting with at least the basic approach we’ve laid out.


Also, this particular example could really be taken to the next-level by having a dedicated ‘First-Time Buyer’ program that combines online & offline (seminar, mortgage consultation) aspects to it. That would be a perfect fit for these Millenial niched leads and would lead to even higher conversion rates.


Finally, the next logical step is to build out your target niches. Here are a few niches you could target with their corresponding traits to build ads around:


Gen X

*Move up
*Cross move



More groups

*“Likely to Sell”
*Friends & Family



Hopefully you’re seeing the power in this type of Sniper Marketing and why it works so well. Run with it. Hop into Facebook and start targeting very specific groups in your area right away.


(Note: when creating Niche ads, you can get super focused in your ads, but don’t violate the Fair Housing Laws or use words in your advertising prohibited by the protected classes.

http://www.hud.gov/offices/fheo/library/part109.pdf )


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