Thoughtful businessman work on notebook while sitting at woodenWhen it comes to effective lead conversion, the majority of other systems – whether software or training – encourage immediate callbacks as the key to conversions.
Our recent testing has us convinced that “Delayed Timed Targeted Engagement” (DTTE), a term we’ve coined, is a more efficient and effective way to convert leads.
What is DTTE?
DTTE is engaging with prospects only after they have exhibited both “known buyer and seller behaviors” and “serious upticks or spikes” in their activity level. – It is important to know if consumers are musing, perusing, or actively searching, to engage with them appropriately.
Our experience has shown that calling immediately reduces consumer Return Visitor Rates (RVRs) by 15-20% resulting in lost opportunities for later conversions.
With this in mind, we now recommend ceasing attempts via immediate callbacks with about 95% of new leads. The reality is that the old school immediate callback techniques simply haven’t kept pace with advances in predictive analytics and psychometrics.
According to the Real Trends’ 2015 Online Performance Study, most consumers muse, then peruse, then begin their search in earnest. So, to be successful with internet leads, keep in mind that most people begin their home search long before they are ready to engage with an agent and that trying to make their timing your timing has never worked.
Agentjet, all-in-one solutions, monitor consumer behavioral activities and sends ‘Smart Alerts’ to agents at just the right time enabling precise engagement opportunities.
If you could benefit from a little heads-up and haven’t seen Agentjet systems recently, schedule a walk-through here and take a look. There’s no obligation, and we’re sure you’ll learn a lot just by attending. If you are a team leader or broker and would like to schedule a one-on-one demo, you can schedule it here.

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