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Agentjet Reviews

More on Why AgentJet is the Best Real Estate Lead Generation System

Please note these Agentjet Reviews and comments are gathered from surveys, emails & support tickets. However, we're choosing only to publish select associated agent names because:

1) When we've published names, we get emails like the one below:

"Hi Guys,
At this point, I am getting about 3 calls every week and it is more than I have time for while I run a business of 19 people who also need my attention. Can you please put me in a rotation with more of your clients and reduce the number of times you give my (info) out? I would be happy to talk with someone twice a month, just not twice a week."

and 2)

We don't want you to make a decision based on someone else's experience. Your results may be different. You may have a different work ethic, skill set, etc. It's a better plan to request a demo and then make a decision based on your opinion of the platform and how you believe you may benefit from it.  After interaction with one of our business development experts, if you seem like a good fit, they'll put you in touch with some of our current users who will vouch for Agentjet's value.

That being said, here are more actual comments from Agentjet users:

Agentjet has changed my life and career. I definitely have seen a huge increase in closed sales. The system is very user friendly and is well worth every penny.

In my experience I’ve tried numerous marketing avenues to include Tiger Leads, Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Boomtown, Craigslist posting and on and on. I would whole hardly say that Agentjet has been the most positive investment in regards to money and time. If you will follow the system and do exactly what Eric and his team train you to do you will see a high return on your investment, end of story. Eric has in my opinion perfected the way to attract, retain and convert Internet leads. But you must follow the system, don’t try to re-invent it or attempt it to do “your way” . Use the backend dashboard and the tools provide as they were designed and you will succeed. The system is simple, quick and keeps the most active, top of mind buyers in front of you at all times. The notifications you receive via email and text messages gives you ample opportunity to stay connected to your leads. When you call them within the first five minutes and catch them online 90% of the time they are so dazzled with the level of service they are already sold on you and open up.

I also want to add that seven months ago I relocated to Palm Beach County in South Florida and I’m starting over in a new market. Eric and his team lead by example, they are always and consistently there for me. I receive a high level of customer service consistently time and time again over a two year period. And I want you to know that I don’t receive any special consideration or payments etc. for my testimonial for Agentjet. I am more than happy to support Eric and Agentjet because they have been a game changer for me and my career.

I think the SMS smart alerts are better than sliced bread … as far as innovations go. That combined with the email alert makes your product stand alone among lead gen tools …

I want to increase another $1,000 each month. Your lead generation product is delivering big results! I told Tom to please pass my number to any referral that you are discussing your service with.. thanks again for providing this product!

... I also doubled my leads after the demo!

I wanted to send you a quick note to relay my positive thoughts about your service. I know in my world it’s often nice to hear some success stories from my clients.

We are less than 20 days into your platform and we have rec’d a steady stream of leads. More importantly there are consumers going back to the website without any real effort from our agents. We are seeing return visitors on a daily basis. When we actually speak to the consumer’s they are super pleased with the site and often comment about how much better it is than the others they use. One of the best things is that when we follow up after a week or so, the consumer engages our agents like they know them. Because when they go back to the site the consumer recognizes the individual contacting them. I often just have to say my name and they know why I’m calling.

Lots of leads, one escrow so far.. just started.

The site works and you get a chance to impress people by your association with it.

Hello! we just got our first sale from a Craigslist lead. I just want to thank everyone at Agentjet for all of your help and support.
Thank you!!

Not sure of the exact numbers, but the entire team has active buyers and multiple closed transactions

I noticed the new fields right away so I had already been playing around with them but I really like the ability to "drill-down" so you can prioritize on more serious leads. The MX factor and the log-in count are hands down my 2 favorites. This allows me to really prioritize & not waste as much time with leads that aren't re-visiting or aren't nearly as serious. We joined this back in November & I really took a few months off from work all together & started diving into it in February this year. I had my first closing on March 22nd & have another under contract to close at the end of this month. I've also shown homes to 3 other leads. 2 of these will be purchasing later this year and one has decided to stay in their current home but I feel confident I will be able to get referrals from her that I wouldn't otherwise have received without Agent Jet/Lead MX. Now with the current updates and accessible info the system has to offer, I feel I will be doing twice as much business by being able to focus on the top leads and letting the system continue to warm up the others.

If you have the opportunity to utilize Agentjet for lead generation, you will be amazed at its capabilities & usefulness for capturing leads in a very organized way on a daily basis.

Hey guys, LOVING the new updates to the system!

I really want to drive home the fact that we LOVE LOVE LOVE the site... It has really helped us in many ways which includes running a much more efficient business. In addition, from a management standpoint it allows me to constantly track how every agent is performing. We have adjusted the status labels to include several new status terms. This allow us to gauge how many prospects are in particular stages of the buying process. For example: no contact, contacted, appointment, buyer agency, pre approval, pending, closed. Its has helped us grow our business much faster than we could imagine. In an instant I can view the clients under buyer agency contract and evaluate what it will take to move them to the next step which is pending or pre-approved. The site itself is very clean, uncluttered and easy to use. We have nothing but rave reviews from our leads as well.

Increased quality leads by 50%, 30% more buyer contracts...

AgentJet has been a wonderful additional to our lead generation system. We are extremely happy with the results!

...have a good backlog of buyer clients which will produce great ROI this year.

Put buyer into escrow within the first month.

Thanks buddy! Pheobe got her first 2 agent jet deals this week under contract. She is super excited!

great source of leads!

Things are going very well with AgentJet- so good in fact that I haven't been able to keep up with the new leads that are coming in! I have closed 3 deals from AgentJet already, and have the busiest spring to date ahead of me.

minimum of 200% ROI...

I just want to thank you for all the work you've done on us getting us "up to speed" with your system. We have been online for 3/4 weeks and have one lead in contract and many more in the pipe-line. Your system is the "Real Deal" and we look forward to a long prosperous future together.

I wanted to let you know I put a $950k home under contract last week. My clients are a lead I got through Agentjet. Settlement is in 30 days, clean deal. Looking forward to that commission check! I’m going to crank up the leads as soon as I can handle them. I should do around $4.5M this month.

Don't Tell My Competitors!

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In a recent survey, we asked Agentjet users this question: "What would you say to a friend who is thinking of using Agentjet but isn’t sure?"

Here are just some of the responses:

It is the best lead generation tool I have worked with.

I would suggest they get it.

If they were outside my market I would recommend it. Inside my market I'd rather keep it to myself.

The numbers speak for themselves!

Try it. It works!

... go for it its very user friendly, and its the best lead generating system I've ever used

You get quality leads and a decent platform.

I would and have recommended Agentjet to other agents who contacted me.

Do it! It's a great system if it is worked properly.

as long as they don't compete against me, I would recommend it.

highly recommend every referral that calls

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